frampton8There are many kinds of weddings; many different themes and settings. Some take place on a white sandy beach, others a medieval feast. There are the wild and the wacky weddings – the skydivers, the Elvis impersonators or maybe the Star Trek wedding, complete with Klingon battle songs. They are generally fun, often eye-catching and always filled with love.

And then there are days like this: a mix of the old and the new, the traditional and the modern. The simple beauty of a special day.

This was Lee and Felsa, married amidst the magnificent splendour of Frampton Court in rural Gloucestershire.
A day of warmth, love and happiness, a union made beneath the postcard perfect sky and the serenity of an English country garden. Frampton Court is as beautiful a location for a traditional British wedding as you are likely to find. Maintained by the same family for a thousand years the estate is much a monument to English history and tradition as it is an eclectic example of ever evolving styles. Buildings that have been carefully designed and constructed among the woodland, the lakeside and gardens; lovingly maintained throughout the centuries providing the idyllic backdrop to a special day for Lee and Felsa; for family and friends.


But central to the day, beyond the beauty of the location, was the beauty of the occasion and a couple in love.

frampton5Affording a glimpse at the preparations, the bride in the morning – pensive, contemplating the day ahead, so long planned, so suddenly upon her. Grateful for the girls, the support – the rituals of readying yourself to be centre of the universe for a day.

A walk down the aisle, confident steps into a bright future requiring the fanciest of footwear. Click your heels three times and say “I DO” (or maybe I Dior).

frampton6It was a day of smiles. A day of familial love and friendship. And fun. Definitely a day of fun.
frampton13For Lee and Felsa it was the start of a new life together – for Frampton Court another memorable day in its long, illustrious and yet unassuming history. A day to remember for all who were there and a joy to be a part of. frampton7