Worth a Thousand Words: Emotion in Photography.




Documentary photography – photos that tell stories, that capture moments. Real moments, real humanity. Raw, unconscious emotion. A laugh, a cry, a certain look that says so much. Pride, Joy, Anger or Despair. Whether shooting a wedding or a war zone, a carnival or a cup final, it’s the captured emotions of those present; expressions frozen in time that give heart and meaning to the story we tell.

As a documentary wedding photographer it’s finding these moments in the day, when the guard may be down, away from the prying lens of the staged photo-shoot. Remaining in the background, capturing the natural, the unrehearsed – those intimate times that bear witness to the true joys of the occasion, that reveal the special bonds and feelings of those friends and loved ones who’ve come to share in the happiness.

Or relationships are defined by the way we perceive each other, our feelings and reactions determined by the bonds of friendship, of familial blood, of love. Occasions like weddings are given life and energy by the emotions of those present, by the reactions and interactions of all involved; from the bride and groom, the priest or registrar, the parents, siblings and pals. The new dynamic of two families uniting; new relationships forming. Photography is the perfect foil for documenting this special, unique event. A beautiful looking glass through which to peer, through which to reveal.

The poignant look of an old aunt or grandparent and the unconditional love that can barely be hidden; the pride of the father that hides those hints of sadness as he gives his daughter away or the awkward embarrassment of a groom, already forgiving the best man who reveals too much.

These are the moments that we remember from our weddings, our anniversaries, or special days. These are the moments that tell the story, that make the occasion endure in the memory.

These are the moments that photography enables you to hold onto forever.