Natural Portraits – The Perfect Christmas Gift.




catherineportrait-25 A mother’s joy – the love of her boys written into her smile as they shower her with uninhibited childlike affection.

This the essence – the beating heart of natural portrait photography.

Away from the studio, free from the shackles of formal poses and tight-lipped smiles in your Sunday best. Avoiding the clichés, the manipulated stance, the forced ‘say cheese’ grins that show only tension and discomfort. tebbuttfamilyportrait-81
webready7 Photos of you with your partner, your parents or your children should reflect the bonds that exist between you, the ease and comfort of which are the hallmark of your love, your relationships. A child who wants to be free from the restriction of a pose isn’t a problem – it’s a natural reaction. Let your photos reflect that freedom.
harryportrait-34 A ‘natural’ portrait photo shoots takes us into the open – a location of beauty or somewhere special to you; a forest, a park, a beach. Relaxed and unobtrusive; a shoot free from stress and unease. It should be a unique, memorable experience to share and to savour; full of fun and laughter with photos that give an insight into the true character of the model, a sense of the unique nature of your relationships. The smile or laugh born out of the moment rather than the photographer; the look at a loved one that tells us so much.

Natural portrait photography shoots are memorable for those involved and can be the ideal experience to share with those closest to you. It also offers the chance for a truly unique gift opportunity. A gift that’s involving and fun for you all and a gift full of memory and thought – a gift that can last a lifetime.

Why not give Leah Photography a call today. I’m offering a Christmas Gift Voucher for family portrait shoots, redeemable at a convenient date to all in the new year. We can arrange it for a location of natural beauty or somewhere of special meaning to you. The shoots are unhurried and spontaneous, striving always to get the most natural shots as you interact and enjoy each other’s company.

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Photos by Leah Millinship.
Blog arranged and edited by GJ Hill